Huakal. Pieces that speak

Huakal is a handmade decoration brand.

Each Huakal piece tells a story born from the land and its roots, to start an infinite conversation between its artisan creator and the person who acquires it. A story that makes it unique, original and different. The union of tradition and design, the richness of the product, the fusion of techniques and materials with a “European touch” result in a differentiated product. Huakal aims to remember and revive the simplicity of beauty. Handmade pieces and figures that unite us through their history

Its artisanal production makes each piece different with the authenticity that imperfections provide.

Nothing in Huakal is standard or homogeneous. Our strong point is artisanal Mexican decoration , the most exclusive and delicate.

The artisan creators

People who create pieces with their hands that talk about them and their stories. The past, its roots and the land are the ingredients of its creations.

They are people who believe in their soul, in their story, in their life and in what they do.

We share with them their needs and objectives, and we strive to give value to their work by helping them maintain the tradition so that future generations can continue creating unique and authentic pieces that emerge from the earth.

The origin

The origin of Huakal is in Mexico, but its ambition is to be the reference brand for high-end craftsmanship, initially expanding to other Latin American countries, but not limiting itself to other possible origins.

100% of the profits generated by Huakal go to the Kalimori Foundation, a community for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Huakal arises as an initiative, within the Kalimori foundation, to generate resources for its support and create a scholarship fund to help people with intellectual disabilities and without resources.

The origin of the Kalimori foundation is due to Alexia, a 30-year-old Mexican girl who has intellectual disabilities. Her mother, Annette, and other parents with children with intellectual disabilities decided to create Kalimori with three clear objectives: change the way disability is viewed, promote the development of people with intellectual disabilities to lead a life with greater independence, and raise awareness in the community. society of its worth.

The name Huakal (Waa + Kal), in Mayan, means "uniting voices", and from there derives the philosophy of the brand and the company: we are all part of a chain. We cannot achieve the same goals alone. We must unite ties, unite skills, and unite efforts to support those who are not so fortunate.

The reason for Huakal

The purpose of Huakal is to be the voice of the artisan creators of pieces that, with their history, contribute to the integration of people with intellectual disabilities into a more open and inclusive society.

Huakal is a responsible brand that wants to give back to society much of what it receives, on the one hand, helping local economies so that ancestral techniques of manual production of native craft pieces are not lost. And, on the other hand, causing a change in society's concept of intellectual disability. To achieve this, we have established alliances in Spain with the A LA PAR foundation, the Juan XXIII foundation and Prodis.

We want to contribute to the creation of a more diverse, open and inclusive society, because we believe that a better world is possible.

Who is it addressed to?

Huakal is designed for people with good taste who want to feel special when choosing the pieces to decorate their homes or when giving a gift.

People who look for pieces that convey their personality, who are interested in the story of each artisan creator and who value the meticulous work behind each piece, often not valued as it deserves.

People who, when giving a gift, look for something special that conveys their interest in the person who is going to receive it. Giving Huakal is giving more than a piece of decoration. It is giving a story, supporting artisan creators and helping the social integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

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